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Below are all of my currently finished compositions in MIDI format. However, I must mention two things before you download these: 1) ALL original works Copyright 1998-1999, composed and sequenced by Timothy Peters. All other are sequenced by me, and not composed by me. =b 2) Both the original and arranged MIDI files on this site are availible for your own personal listening pleasure, but if you wish to use them on your home page or any sort of commercial use, you MUST E-mail me at before doing so.

Now that the legalities are over with, enjoy. ^_^


* Lunar: The Silver Star
* Burg: The hero's hometown.
* Quark, The White Dragon: This is actually more of a remix than a note-for-note transcription.

* Lunar: Eternal Blue
* Opening Credits: The beautiful opening music to the best game ever made for the Sega CD.
* Leo's March: A more precise version is coming up, but this one should do just fine in the meantime. ^_^
* Larpa: Note the funky bongos.
* Pentagulia: You can smell the hopelessness.
* Ghaleon's Arrival: "Look into the eyes of your executioner!"

* Vay
* Draktyr: Listed on Lily's page as the "Vay Event Theme."

* Albert Odyssey
* Lulu: Also the shop theme.
* Eka's Song: Eka supposedly *sings* in the scene this plays, but Eka's voice is never heard once in Albert Odyssey.

* Mappy Rag: Who says twenties piano music and synthesizers don't mix?
* Legend of Zelda Ending: Done entirely from memory. =b

Original Compositions

This section is undergoing a major overhaul for the simple reason that my composing style seems to be undergoing something similar. With any luck, this section should be filled up again in no time. =)

* String Quartet #1

Originally, the first movement was the third part of something I called the "Magus Suite," and in full symphonic score, but I thought it sounded better as a string quartet. So, what I think I'll do is revise it and make it into a neo-classical work, a la Prokofiev's Classical Symphony. I'll leave the unedited first movement here until it's revamped.

* 1st Movement

Coming Soon:

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