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You are just one of people to stumble onto this page. (Cheesy counter, isn't it?)

Welcome to my intriguing, provocative, and often condescending home page. My name is Tim, and while this page is currently just a shining example of how not to write HTML code, it will eventually be the home of my newest MIDI files (click here to see my what I have uploaded for now) as well as my online alter-egos of.. *insert fanfare.wav here* The Silver Mask! .. and my IRC moniker, Rubicus. In the meantime.....

This Just In!
Rumors of the death of the Off-Topic RPG have been greatly exaggerated! In addition, Project OTRPG has finally been given a working title: "Eight Eyes of Salvation." The NEW home of the page is here which means my old page on this site isn't really needed anymore. Oh well.. we'll always have Paris.

Horrendously Outdated Links!
Astaria Home Page: The only MUD worth visiting.
The Classical MIDI Archives: Possibly the largest and best collection of MIDI files on the Web.

Now playing: Leo's Theme, from "Lunar: Eternal Blue"

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